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  1. thingperson Oct 13, 2017

    Hey everyone I want to welcome our newest Members Monu-chan, Aliceblond, Aloi :)

    We hope you like it here and you find plenty of friends who love Katekyo Hitman Reborn to talk to *throws confetti on you*

    Sincerely, Thingperson aka Elizabeth

  2. TheGarbageCollector Jul 28, 2013

    Quote by VhieXXYes,I have.. I hope the series will be continue again
    I missed it so much :(

    oh sorry, i just found out that i'd read it wrong. The last chapter said that the last volume will be released in march.. as in, it'll have all the last chapters including this one -.-'

    So, the manga HAS ended ^^;

  3. VhieXX Jun 23, 2013

    Yes,I have.. I hope the series will be continue again
    I missed it so much :(

  4. TheGarbageCollector Jun 21, 2013

    Quote by VhieXXHi! Im new here..I hope I accepted here..

    Welcome to the group :)

    Have you read KHR manga?
    They said they'll resume the last arc, but I heard no news about it. I wonder when they're gonna do that.. or has it ended for good? :\

  5. VhieXX Jun 21, 2013

    Hi! Im new here..I hope I accepted here..

  6. TheGarbageCollector Jul 25, 2012

    OMG! Ch.395!

    Spoiler (show)

    Xanxus, Mukuro, Byakuran on the SAME TEAM! This team, it just means one thing for the enemy, 'Death'! O:

    merged: 10-03-2012 ~ 06:36pm
    soooo... a lot of extreme things like reaching the speed of light happening in hte manga -.-'
    But omg! That man from the future! It's him! O:

  7. klutch03 Jun 08, 2012

    Quote by Yunihimei have no friend yet, please add me! >_<

    sure.... its nice to have some friends

  8. Yunihime Jun 08, 2012

    i have no friend yet, please add me! >_<

  9. klutch03 Jun 05, 2012

    Hitman reborn fan here, just joined the group...!

  10. Yunihime Jun 05, 2012

    I love KHR! so much!

  11. IceColdLady92 Feb 01, 2012

    I read it and i love it! <3
    Reborn is so cool and so amazing xD A great techer, too :P
    And Tsuna is a dumb oö He's not realizing that's Reborn, he teaching him again xD

  12. chrisp Jan 21, 2012

    No i didn't I have no time to read the manga or watch animes D: I'm such a phatetic Admin! xD

  13. TheGarbageCollector Jan 21, 2012

    Did you see the latest manga?
    Reborn! he's.... :O

  14. IceColdLady92 Jan 18, 2012

    That's not a big Problem o.o
    I'm sometime inactiv, too xD

  15. chrisp Jan 17, 2012

    Welcome welcome! :)
    I hope you will enjoy this group, even if it's dead. Since I get no help we're quite inactive. It's too sad thou..

  16. IceColdLady92 Jan 12, 2012

    Hey guys! I'm new and i hope i like this group <3
    The Design is really great and i'm a really Fan from Vongola Team *__*
    The Story is amazing and so exciting >.< (:

  17. chrisp Nov 26, 2011

    I am so sad, but I once again have no time to run this awesome group. Not alone at least. I hope it won't die... *cries*
    But my reallife has a higher priority...
    Welcome to all the new members!

    Keep on KHRing!

  18. keimae22 Nov 04, 2011

    hi! new here..hope to be a member soon^^

  19. TheGarbageCollector Oct 20, 2011

    Welcome to the group souls ^^

    @zodia: I don't know, sorry :(

  20. soulsguardian Oct 19, 2011

    i did not know they had this group lol but in it now

  21. zodia1107 Oct 09, 2011

    I heard that there would be a rebocon on November? Is it right, or just a wrong information?

  22. TheGarbageCollector Aug 05, 2011

    Nice wallpaper Yamaro ^^

    Finally... There were two lighthearted chapters as i'd wished :)

    and it was sooooo good to watch...

    Spoiler (show)

    Mukuro being made fun of!

    merged: 08-20-2011 ~ 09:57am

    new arc's gonna start in the next chapter :(

    merged: 08-27-2011 ~ 04:49pm
    new arc!

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! XD

    Those arcobaleno were so damn cool! (Though Reborn looks kinda weird)

  23. Yamaro Aug 01, 2011

    My Latest-Reborn wallpaper:

  24. chimichi Aug 01, 2011

    go! sky vongola!

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